Time off

As you can tell I have taken more time off from covering events this year.   After last years life changing moments there were even more personal things that happened the last part of this year.

2014 was to be the year I refocused on covering events and working on personal projects but as with most things in life — it is what it is.

Maybe 2015 will be the resurgance of my passion to capture images at events in the southeast and share my images with everyone.

Hopefully you will see me in the near future.

Snake Creek Gap Time Trials

Saturday was my return to capturing images at events after taking the past year off for personal reasons.  The weather could not be better for the second race of this series.  It was a very nice day to be in the woods watching and capturing images.


For this race I went to the Stamp Creek crossing and captured images of the riders as they crossed the small creek.

Images are posted for you to purchase or enjoy (here)


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