Posted by: R. A. Milks | May 6, 2015

F.I.R.E. Lights

Please look at this project. I feel that this is a much needed item that fire departments across the country can use for the safety of the firefighter.

Help fund it in any way that you can.    Link to Kickstarter page.

Posted by: R. A. Milks | March 26, 2015

Events Update

Because of work scheduling issues at this time I am unable to capture images of any events.  I am working on being able to be at selected events in the future.

Posted by: R. A. Milks | January 8, 2015

It’s cold outside

Today in Atlanta we made it from 6 degrees this morning to a high of about 29 and it should be around 15 tonight. Darn cold for the South and I’m glad weather like this only stays around for a few days. Since it was nice and sunny with clear skies I decided to capture some images today.

Cartersville City Fountain, (unedited image)

Cartersville City Fountain,
(unedited image)

Since my work schedule has changed yet again not sure if I’m going to be able to capture images at events however I am going to capture images during the coming year.

Posted by: R. A. Milks | December 21, 2014

Future Events

I have updated the future events page with some events for 2015,

Theses events are from Mountain Goat Adventures, Rock/Creek, Scenic City MultiSport and NWSORBA.

More events will be posted as I learn of them or find something that I think people would be interested in.

Get out and enjoy 2015 as I know that I plan to.

Posted by: R. A. Milks | December 5, 2014

Time off

As you can tell I have taken more time off from covering events this year.   After last years life changing moments there were even more personal things that happened the last part of this year.

2014 was to be the year I refocused on covering events and working on personal projects but as with most things in life — it is what it is.

Maybe 2015 will be the resurgance of my passion to capture images at events in the southeast and share my images with everyone.

Hopefully you will see me in the near future.

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